This is an instructor-based facility, however, we rent extra cage space to individuals, teams, and outside instructors on a self-service basis. This allows us to offer the lowest priced cage rentals in the area! Perfect for single cage individual rentals or rent the whole place for a team!

Cages are large! 12' wide, 14' high and 70' (cage 1), 65' (cage 2), and 50' (cage 3) in length. All are retractable to make one big space when opened. Football quality field turf, professional netting, great lighting, great seating, private bathroom, ample parking. Plus the biggest and best HVLS fan on the market and two 18' roller doors. You are welcome to use the balls and tees in the facility as long as they are cared for and do not leave the cages. We have plenty of softballs and some baseballs. We do not have pitching machines (besides a lite flite machine). You are welcome to bring your own. You may use the extension cord that is here.

These are self-service cages. This means that renters are responsible for opening, closing, resetting cages and cleaning up after themselves. Facility is monitored remotely. Upon booking, a receipt will be sent to you with details at the bottom.  

Cages Are Available 24 Hours a Day / 365 Days a Year Book times online from 6am-11pm Mon-Sun including breaks and holidays. If you need times outside of 6am-11pm, contact us.

Team/Group Cage Rental Capacity:
1 Cage- 4 players max
2 Cages- 8 players max
3 Cages- whole team allowed

*Off players may NOT wait in common area. We do not allow teams to rent 1 cage and bring the whole. Rent the whole facility or stagger arrivals please. This is for safety and to keep noise and numbers down during lessons and other cage rentals.

$45/hour for entire facility

OUTSIDE INSTRUCTOR RENTALS: We welcome outside softball/baseball instructors! *All non-iTrain instructors MUST have another adult present when training (a) player(s) who is not their child.

You are able to edit or cancel your reservation online up to 48 hours in advance.
Cancellations or no shows within 48 hours are non-refundable. 

Pricing & Payments

1 Hour Cage Rental


Card info held at time of booking.

Cash payment option if pre-approved 

Full Facility Rental 


Card info held at time of booking.

Cash payment option if pre-approved.

Machine Add-On

additional fee

Access to 3 Jugs machines- BP1, LiteFlite, & Small Ball

The Facility