Mental Edge Mentoring
with Coach Alli

Middle school, high school, & college softball players only

This is a 100% at-home/on-the-go program.

She will need regular access to a phone or tablet to download the journal app and talk on Zoom calls.

-Journaling will be flexible. There is an expectation to journal a couple of times per week in reflection of the past weekend and in anticipation of the coming weekend. I will be journaling with them and we will each receive a notification when the other leaves an entry.

-Zoom call times will also be flexible. I will coordinate with each person to set up their Zoom times for that month.

Package Option Pricing:
Bronze- $80/month
Silver- $110/month
Gold- $160/month

A-la-carte Options:
Journals only: $40/month 
Zoom calls $40 each

This is a month-to-month commitment. Payment will be collected on the 1st of each month. You can change plans or cancel at any time. If you start after the 1st of the month the price will be prorated by the day for that month.
I will send a request on/around the 1st of each month via electronic payment:
Zelle 9405943238
Venmo @itrainsoftball

Journals and calls will be kept confidential, however, if anything is disclosed where I feel her safety or the safety of someone else is in question, I will immediately bring it to the attention of the parents to seek licensed professional help.