Instructor Schedules

**see INSTRUCTORS to find out if the instructor you are interested in is currently taking regulars or fill-ins. If it says "fill-in only" this means her regular spots are all full. The best way to get a regular spot with her is to become a fill-in first until something regular comes available.** 

Each instructor sends her own schedule through email. To get an instructor's schedule please contact us and specify whose schedule(s) you would like to receive. See Instructors page for bios, types of lessons offered, and days available.

Scheduling Process:

You will receive a weekly email on Saturday/Sunday for the upcoming week that highlights fill-in openings. Email the instructor back to reserve a spot. First come, first serve. Talk to the instructor about regular spots. We give first priority to our regular fill-in hitters for regular spots. So the best way to get a regular spot with an instructor if there are none available is to start by filling in with them.