iTrain LIVE Video Lessons

currently being offered by:

-Alli- hitting, infield, throwing

-Chelsea- hitting, slapping, infield, outfield, throwing

-Kristin- hitting, catching, pitching

When life throws you curveballs, you adjust. Now that it sounds like this Coronavirus is here to stay for a while, we have decided to offer an alternative and safe option for training our athletes. Our goal is to continue to provide our athletes a PERSONALIZED experience where they are being held accountable for their training and able to get the help they need LIVE along the way. There are many generic at-home online programs out there. We are not trying to be one of them. We want each girl to still feel as if we are there… right by her side, invested in her personal development.


What you will need:

-          Hitters and slappers will need a tee, balls, and something to hit into (net, big yard, park). Pitchers will need glove, ball(s), and catcher or net. Catchers will need catching equipment, balls, and tosser for some drills. Throwing/Infield/Outfield will need glove, balls, possible net or partner. Anyone who does not have this equipment or prefers to do it at the facility is welcome to use the cages during your lesson time free of charge. This must be booked in advance to ensure the cage is not rented.

-          Phone to take photos/video and to LIVE video chat with instructor


$40/week (full program including two 15-minute LIVE video lessons)

$25/week (full program with only one LIVE 15-minute video lesson)

$20 for any 15-minute video lesson (add-on or without program)

Program Includes:

-          Player Questionnaire and Goals Sheet

-          3 Swings to be analyzed. Will send back screenshots of problem areas that we will be addressing.

-          Two 15-minute LIVE video lessons (at the beginning and end of each week)

-          3-5 personalized drills given as homework for the week

-          Weekly sports quote of her choice with paragraph write-up (due Sundays)

-          Weekly sports movie of her choice with paragraph write-up (due Sundays)

-          Athletes will be required to hit 20-30 minutes and complete a 20-30 minute workout of her choice at least 5 days/week (any hitting and any workout counts...can be a practice, home workout, etc.)

-          Sweaty Selfie- Players are asked to send a sweaty selfie to her instructor post workout at least 5 days/week. We will pick a “Sweaty Selfie of the Day” to post on our social media…be creative.  

*ALL workouts and hitting counts including practices, at-home workout, etc. We just want them to break a sweat 5 days/week. Will be modified if they go back to school. Able to be modified for each player.)

Modification options:

-          If you prefer one LIVE lesson per week you may still be part of the same program. This would include all of the above but with only one 15-minute LIVE video lesson per week where we would address drills to work on and any questions you have for that week.  Cost is $25/week

-          If you would like more than two LIVE video lessons per week you are welcome to add on. Cost is $20 per additional 15-minute LIVE video lesson.

-          If you do not want to be part of the program, but would like some tips or questions answered, the cost for a LIVE video lesson is $20/15-minutes.

Example LIVE Video Lesson Breakdown:

*Remember, this is HER time. If there is something else she needs at that time (mental game training, someone to talk to, etc.) she is welcome to use her time any way she wishes. This is flexible and not a check list.

15-minute video lesson (Beginning of the week):


Address problem/goal for that week

Coach will give and demo 3-5 drills for that week.

Watch player perform drill to make sure it is being done correctly.

Give homework. Answer questions.


15-minute video lesson (End of the week):

Check-in. Follow up on workouts.

Find out about progress made

Watch player complete drills again

Address any issues and answer questions


Since this is an everchanging situation, we will modify as needed. Thank you for your flexibility and support at this time.

 For questions or to join this program please contact or (940)594-3238.