What We Do

iTrain instructors provide top-quality softball instruction to players of all ages and all experience levels. Our goal is to develop and encourage each athlete to reach her full potential. We believe that our players do this by becoming students of the game. We teach the tools needed for a competitive advantage in this sport filled with precision and intricacy. We provide experienced instruction as coaches and also tap into our own experiences as players to help our students reach the top of their game physically, visually, and mentally.

who we are

Our instructors are all former college softball players with the highest collegiate training and experience. All instructors specialize in different areas of the game, including:

- Hitting

- Slapping






All hitting instruction is given under the same system and any player hitting with us will learn the same mechanics, drills, etc. with any of our instructors.

New PLAYER Process

1. Read through this website to get more information about our instructors and lessons

2. Contact us with requests for instructor(s) you are interested in.

3. We will send you the instructor's personal contact information, get you on her mailing list to receive her schedule, answer any questions you have, and add you to our master email list so you receive any important emails regarding iTrain Softball.


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